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See The Futuristic Concept Truck Walmart Wants To Use To Maximize Efficiency On The Road

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 06:00 PM

You’ve never seen a transport truck quite like this.

Walmart created a concept truck to maximize efficiency on the road, and the result is something that looks a little more spaceship than tractor-trailer.


They hyper-efficient concept truck may turn a few heads on the highway (YouTube).

Walmart Corporate announced the project Feb. 17 during a meeting to report on progress with reaching the company’s sustainability goals.

The view from inside the WAVE cockpit (YouTube).

The view from inside the WAVE cockpit (YouTube).

Chris Sultemeier, senior vice president and head of corporate transportation services for Wal-Mart, said the company also has agreed to buy 2,000 hydrogen-fueled forklift trucks for use in its U.S. and Canadian distribution centers, the Transport Times reported.

In 2005, Wal-Mart set a goal of doubling the efficiency of its truck fleet by 2015. Sultemeier said the company reached 80% of its goal by purchasing more fuel-efficient trucks and finding ways to ship more goods in less space and using fewer trucks.

The cabin doors move more like a mini-van/DeLorean hybrid than a standard truck (YouTube).

The cabin doors move more like a mini-van/DeLorean hybrid than a standard truck (YouTube).

The company uploaded a video of the truck on YouTube and described it as the “latest in (their) fleet efficiency program.”

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience, or WAVE, concept truck is … (a) one-of-a-kind prototype offers a whole package of firsts. The tractor has very advanced aerodynamics and is powered by a prototype advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain.

The trailer is made almost exclusively with carbon fiber, saving around 4,000 pounds which can then be used to carry more freight.

Check out their WAVE vehicle here:

And just to add a little more fun to the mix, let’s put that carbon fiber switch in perspective. Check out this video that explains the different tensile strengths of steel versus carbon fiber.


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